Strong In Pain - Band Hardcore Yogyakarta

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Strong In Pain - Band Hardcore Yogyakarta

Strong In Pain - Band Hardcore Yogyakarta logo font artwork

Band : Strong In Pain
Genre : Hardcore
Hometown : Yogyakarta - Indonesia
FansPage : Strong In Pain on Facebook

  • Strong In Pain - Looking For Yourself.mp3 DOWNLOAD
  • Strong In Pain - We Are Yogyakarta (United As One).mp3 DOWNLOAD

We are Strong In Pain, a Hardcore Band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Formed in September 2010, we bring our own style Hardcore music. We always try to explore our music time after time. Final Prayer (Berlin Hardcore) and all of Yogyakarta Hardcore Bands are our biggest influence.

Our member are:
- Adhie NGPX : Throat
- Koko Maruko : 4 Strings
- Malthuf de Atoex : 6 Strings
- Ferry Him : Kick and Double Pedal

You can also download our song in Reverbnation:

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